Light snow absorbing riffs

Mothers Of The Land, Liquid Earth, Speck, Sha’ar

Presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space at Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20231202

Winter has finally arrived. The snow keeps falling while the city offers several possibilities: Skindred, New Candys and Old Mrs. Bates are just few bands that would play. And Roadtrip To Outta Space presents ‚another banger line-up with Austrian artists‘ just two days after the amazing Ozymandias release show

In one corner of the stage, a big mushroom is glowing. Number one out of four bands this night is Speck, who opened the Psychedelic Rollercoaster at the very place two months earlier. The rolling bass with the heavy’n’slow beat of the drums and the spacy screaming guitar almost imperceptibly rock up to the peak. 

Two songs are enough for them to fill the set. They thank the audience for showing up despite the snow. Then a premiere follows, as Sha’ar appears in this constellation for the very first time. A two-piece connected with Ryte and Bum Shelter, that lets the Doom fall down to earth and the small hall at Arena in particular. 

After this brute force of distorted bass, virtuos notes from Liquid Earth are next. Some time ago they opened the DoV like Kerbmaldarr and tonight it is again all about ‚devil’s music‘ to get lost in a ‚witch dance‘ that their fans demand. An intermezzo of beautiful melodies floating and crawling outside.

Headliner this night are Mothers Of The Land, who appeared at Bierwoche and at this hall before. As one author knows asserted, it is hard to put their music into words. It is about the rhythm, that pushes forward all the time. In combination with this incredible dual guitar harmonies, each track is a highlight. 

RTOS perfectly put it right describing the evening with a ‚banger line-up‘. And still the year’s not done: Mars Red Sky, High Transition and the Psychotic Parade are waiting around the corner..