I Am Your Darkness (Single 2022)

Luís Maldonalle feat. Erich Martins

Heavy Hard Neoclassic Power Metal

The epic genre of Heavy Metal has its beautiful melodies and a brutal force behind. With those elements, it can take us to fantastic as well as evil places. After the impressive instrumental album „Maestro“, a guitarero from Goiânia, Brazil is back with an energetic riff inferno raising hell.

For this endeavor, Luís Maldonalle recruited Erich Martins from Heretic, Tahra and Innuendo on vocals, who has the skills to do Dio and Judas Priest tributes as well. His ability to sing very high fits greatly to let the lava come to the surface from Pandemonium. 

On the cover by Rômulo Dias, a female creature with kind of moose horns and claws makes think of Heilung and HR Giger („Alien“) at the same time. The mouth is sutured like on the latest Gwendydd record, while scorpions and a spider are creeping around, and on the background, an ape and dog are sitting on what looks like an old map texture.

Coming back to the song, it begins with a noise getting louder, making think of Alice Cooper or Dark Age. The second band would also compare talking about the speed of „I Am Your Darkness“. In combination with the voice, Annihilator is another classic Metal reference.

But the overall sound is made of modern Power Metal. The shredding guitar is stinging super clear with the key tones filling the background. Wild drums whip the whole duration of about five minutes through, not giving a break at any point. So half of the time, we listen the lyrics, while the second half is reserved for the instrumental solo part, bringing up Nekrogoblikon.

As this speed orgy finishes with a quite classical ending, more similar acts come to ones mind like Helloween or DragonForce. Luís Maldonalle demonstrates with this single, how this melodic genre with its velocity and energy can inspire the masses.