The Weekend’s Alright


Arena Beisl Open Air, Vienna, Austria 20200905

The first week of September, one highlight hunts the other at the Arena Wien: Hoznploz, Woid, The Zsa Zsa Gabor’s and Johnny & The Rotten play the weekdays. And at the weekend, the Sunday is reserved for Six Score and Verrat, while on Saturday, a Hard Rock local hero sings their hymns with the audience in Simmeringer dialect.

Rotzpipn basically have their own reason to celebrate this year, as ten years ago, they released their debut “…is a wos wert!” (meanwhile they have published their fourth album “Pudl di ned auf” already). Plus there are two people who have their birthday in the audience. The winners of the Protestsongcontest 2012 this night are in the mood, to have a great party with their willing crowd.

Listening to the first songs, you can already learn a lot about how the band is living. The lyrics of songs like “Hausmasta” from “Das Dümmste Gericht” and “Im Gemeindebau” from “Im Pfusch” you can find on the website. Telling stories of everyday life and the language makes the Punkers remind of Georg Danzer as well.

More highlights of the set are “Bummzua” and “Traktorfoan”, of which they play the chorus several times, while the audience luckily dance with it. For “Owa immerhin”, the guys can easily motivate their guests to be the choir and sing with them. No wonder, as many of the fans already show up with a shirt from the group, like when their idols Motörhead played.

The party attitude and the feelgood vibe of the songs paired with the critical but fun lyrics make this one of the most enjoyable late summer nights. This good music in good atmosphere and good weather make one hope that this will work for many more evenings in the future, as e.g. Savanah and Ozymandias just confirmed their date.