Find ourselves in the same old brick walls

The Zsa Zsa Gabor’s

Arena Beisl Open Air, Vienna, Austria 20200902

While locations like the Escape share their first events with In Delirium, Sarcastic Terror, Groteskh, Benighted and more, the Arena Beisl keeps announcing shows at their fabulous Open Air Stage. Those include evenings hosted by the Venster99, The Devil’s Rejects, Great Rift, Boogie Hammer and Caged Wolves and others who will play at the place “built of colored bricks”.

The Zsa Zsa Gabor’s, who do the honors this night, choose their name after the illustrious actress. She got famous because of her life and movies in the 50s and later could be seen e.g. in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The band keeps the name alive with constant releases and shows since years and is up for speed from the very first minute on.

No matter if they present older material like “Fuck The Media” or “Red Eyes”, or recent releases like “Modern Music” from their latest album “X” (Mad Butcher Records), the audience is with them. Between the songs, you learn that Gabalier is too hard for them to play, as “four chords are one too much”, revealing a similar attitude to the Schwoazogler and Kid Pex.

About “DDR Coat” they tell the story, when that coat and make-up were enough to be confused with a custom officer and to control about fifty passports. Next to “Copschool” and “Always Antifascist” they play a Cheap Trick cover as well. Coming to “Arena Wien”, the hymn about the very venue, they tell that they shot the video when performing with ZSK. The final track of the regular set is “Forever PUNK”, where the video features the DeeCRACKS, Reverend Backflash, Dead City Radio, Los Fastidios and many more.

As the audience doesn’t has enough, they add several encores including the Dirt Shit classic “Discoscheisser”, which was released the same year as the reissued Chaos record. And the really, really, really, really last for the night is the Hosen song “Carnival in Rio”.