Reunion under another roof not far away

Saltbrennt, The Boy I Used To Be, Wolf Morrison

Wolf Morrison & Friends Halloween Special, Café Carina Wien, Austria 20191028


Just shortly after the rare and intimate Die Botschatn concert with John Klirr, the next highlight takes place at the beloved Café Carina. Three acts grant a laid back start into a new week.

The host of the night, Wolf Morrison, opens the evening himself with some songs. Like at the Concerto in June, he plays his most memorable “Wiener Linien Blues (49er Blues)” as well as “Idiotenstadt” and “Du bist wie ein Kaktus”. To his more ironic songs, a more serious one about saying a final goodbye to friends ends his set this night.

As second one, The Boy I Used To Be plays few tunes. Just right after, he will be on tour again with his buddy Yunger in Austria, South Tyrol in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. He starts with “Heart of Stone” and “Serenade”, before presenting his upcoming single “Bern”. Fascinated, he tells that the people like to pack their clothes in a plastic bag and go swimming in the river during lunch break. Generally he is seemingly feeling well, and his facial expression shows a lot of (positive) emotions. To keep it short, he then already comes to an end with “Black Silhouette” and “Waiting for the Ocean”.

He then like to make place for a band, for which he has only praise left: Saltbrennt from Tyrol have already been e.g. to the furthermost west at the Glashus as Kuntner & Deimbacher, just arrived from South Styria and the “chicken is still heavy on the stomach” and will play at the Loop on Wednesday. As they live in different countries, they keep contact via Face Time, which the grandmother knows how to handle but not the grandfather as they joke. Their great blues especially breathes through the tuba, mouth harp (like The Mose Magic Band) and their several voices. They joke about their origin too, but tell that one advantage is to lock oneself in a cottage to work on music and being a “Skilehrer”. An especially great pleasure FFO Hello Sally, Churchpenny Allstars or the Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler.