Relations and Circle of Life


#savechybulski! Benefiz Konzert Livestream aus dem Inverno-Proberaum, Austria 20201204


In Feldkirch, there are not too many venues for subcultural concerts. The Montforthaus is not made for that, the Alte Hallenbad too some is identical with the poolbar and there are the Hugo and Miami. But there is another insider tip. A nugget, that hides behind a garage and the Vespa bar.

A good friend and former postal worker once showed me the cosy rooms of the Chybulski. The list of related links and organizers is long: Punkrock Weiner, Rosi Spezial and Teleport Collective, Finn Parker, Café Deseado, Napaea, Migre Le Tigre, anymajordude Matt Boroff, Road To Wineville and Schatzmann, just to name a few.

The living room feeling is similar to the Denkmal and Corner in Salzburg. You can go and visit a concert there, or watch a movie like “Johnny Unsaddled” or just have a beer and chat before Monster Magnet. For this wonderful location and its people could be donated on kumscho, and this stream is the final reward.

Parts of the spectacle are the band Inverno which is related to The Burning Rosettas and Deadass Dobro, Micky and Eugen Fulterer of V-Lesung which is linked to or was held at Kulturverein 1bm, Proton, Villa Müller, Villa Rosenthal, Glashus and Bimbo. After a short welcome, the band dedicates their first song to Klaus Feurstein of the Café and Stone Club, who just passed away.

Their bluesy Rock’nRoll Boogie style animates to dance and reminds of good times at the Lovely Days for example. The piano party reminds of George Nussbaumer, gab&gal and in other moments of Konstantin Wecker and the melodies of a Spiderman soundtrack, Bowie, Lou Reed and Sólstafir. Their next live gig is at the Spielboden in February.

Little breaks with a shaker or a bass solo loosen up the songs. Between the three sets, first Micky reads a text about “Hörbi” from Amerlügen, who asserts that Las Palmas is not possible but the “Älpele” is beautiful too. Eugen shows pictures of the end of V-Lesung including dummesaulol and at the end, Micky draws the winner of an evening at the Chybulski.