The glamorous Britpop and Punk

Schwoazogler, The Vintage Cinema Club

Café Carina Vienna, Austria 20180505


They come from the south and west of the country, to be more specific from Salzburg and Styria: Two very special acts gathered into the Café Carina this Saturday night.

First the group Scheissegal should have played too, but as they could not come, The Vintage Cinema Club takes over the opening part. The charismatic band around frontman Christian delivers a blameless performance. Drummer John goes with the beat as well as bassist Philipp while keyboarder Steve is dancing. Guitarist Luke has got a delicate way of adding is solo parts. And so the band performs older tunes that could be heard at the Corner or Denkmal Salzburg many times already, as well as new ones like “Fashion” carried forward with a Noel Gallagher attitude. That the very calm “19_9”, of which the music video is released the very day, works this night and everyone is silent is a happy surprise.

As the one band cancelled, the second named Schwoazolger is already the last. For some it is “the most anarchy thing ever seen”. Described as a bunch of six guys with an ukulele, accordion, chopping board and a car tire, the tension is high. And then the surprise, these punks in leather pants don’t have an actual chopping board, just a metal board they hit on. And the car tire gets hit on with a baseball bat, the main instrument. Talking about Black Flag, singing more reminds of a phonetic poem of Dadaist Raoul Hausmann, just screamed in a drunken way. The setlist gets hit on too, so after there is a huge hole in it first, some when later it is completely gone. No problem, as the band seriously got a concept, singing about retroactive abortion and the broken washing machine – a definitive hit single! And a very special kind of live experience.

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  1. OGLN!!

    Thanks for writing about us. Normaly people dont get IT why we’re doing, what we’re doing.

    You did! Heyyyyyaaaa!!!! We’re could give you an interviewif you want!

    See ya soon

    Chris (baseballbat-on-carwheel).

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