The Meditative Character in Pureness

Jex Thoth, Demon Head

Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena – Dreiraum, Austria 20180508


The Dreiraum at the Arena is a beautiful cosy small room, and therefor one of the nicest concert locations. Even if you stand at the back, you never are far away from the action, and when thirsty, the bar is just next door.

Under these circumstances, Roadtrip To Outta Space presents two wonderful bands, starting with Demon Head from Denmark. These young heavy blues rockers already toured with e.g. Night Viper. On stage, the five barely have enough room, so one could be afraid that singer M.F.L. might be hit by the bass guitar. So he takes the chance and steps from the stage several times. In some way, his voice even reminds of legendary Jim Morrison of The Doors, while the fine sound of the Rickenbacker guitar adds a warm touch to the diabolical lyrics.

The good vibes will hold on for the rest of the evening. While waiting for Jex Thoth, silence takes over, “more reverent than Christmas”, as one guy determines. Candles are burning as a humming fills the room, and then the band enters the stage. The Doom riffs accompanied by the beautiful voice really are an amazing combination and can make one think of Dool. The show got the meditative character of a ritual. Something is always burning and Jex herself even lets the candle wax drop on her arms. She also comes down of the stage to walk through the audience. And as the gig is completely compelling, one was not that happy about an encore since a long time, and still it would have been great if they would have played even longer.

Unlike in Vienna, where the group Heat played at DasBACH with the Heavy Minds the same night, in Linz both bands play together. The Posters for the shows come from Aplacefortom.