Daily Dream Escape Madness

No! Mozzart, Tokan, Traumwerk

Forced To Fuzz, DasBACH Vienna, Austria 20180504


The weekend for many is to escape the daily grind in some way. Whether by relaxing and recharging, doing sports, or getting away through music. A perfect opportunity this Friday is an event called Forced To Fuzz at DasBACH.

The first group has got the accurate name Traumwerk – Dreamfactory. But not the Disney dreamfactory as the lyrics speak a clear language. The mind behind the texts about exactly the topics like the daily grind is Thomas Hierzberger (bass, also Mary Broadcast). Together with Thomas Casalicchio (guitar) he resumes the singing parts, as main singer Pat Schneider Sturm is missing this night. „Heute willst du etwas ändern, morgen lässt du’s sein.“ Apart from the lyrics, highlights are unpredictable changes, every song on point and Thomas’ T-Rex guitar.

After only few watched this first show from the front, for inviting act Tokan the people fill the room. After celebrated shows e.g. at the Gürtel Nightwalk and their release show of “Teil einer vulnerablen Gruppe” at Kramladen, they use the friendly atmosphere of the Bach for this concert night. And again they are simply convincing from the first to the last note. They play the whole album, proofing once more that the parts with singing as well as the instrumental ones are full of energy, climaxing in “Someone else”.

Final band Tokan invited is No! Mozzart. This group from Zagreb, Croatia mixes a lot of electronic loops and effects to the rock sound of guitar, bass and drums. They therefore first remind of for example 3am or in calmer moments of Elis Noa. Their dedication to their sound gets clear as they loose themselves completely in their tunes. Which does mean, it can get difficult if you can’t loose yourself like that and escape in the music. But then it might be still interesting and fun to watch the effect devices madness.