7.1.4_Trading With Monsters (Single 2022)

Sektor 7

Crossover / Nu Metal

It’s a new music Friday, as guitars swing in all directions again. Because Ivery sings about loss and Rola Music presents The Tazers, who live up the 70s. And Saqraruna promoted by Cave Dweller Productions plus another heavy syndicate from Western Austria carry their listeners into the dark.

Born back in 2001 already, Sektor 7 took on their name like the Indonesian rap group Sector 7. After a break of several years, they returned in 2019. Bassist Nano (The Grand Voice, hi-fi satisfaction) and guitarist aaRon stayed the same and teamed up with Patrick on vocals and Jolly of Zusammenklang on drums.

Their logo is a star with seven corners, like the one of Slipknot with nine. They smashed places like the Schlachthaus and since their reunion, this is their third single after „7.1.4_watch me“ and „7.1.4_c4a“ entitled „7.1.4_Trading With Monsters“. A subject, other musicians embraced as well, like Rollins Band and Small Souki.

A scream bursts the silence and a wild riff breaks down. The melodious verse makes think of Ill Niño and the instrument sound of Korn and Drowning Pool. Especially the chorus turns out very catchy. The music video celebrated premiere on YouTube the same day, initiated with a mellow tune for Jolly, as someone jokes in the chat.

In the clip, Patrick descends in a visual dark tunnel of his inner self, with moist walls and sprayed with graffiti. His face then turns from human to a painted devil’s visage, as his shouts echoe from the stonecold surrounding. 

Sektor 7 are out again to keep the Metal in Vorarlberg alive, together with other (former) flagships like Sortout, Reason Of Sin, Fallen Up, Mortician, no.sar and Vibratör. And with their Nu Metal style, they take their place next to the Deftones, Rise Of The Northstar, Coal Chamber and X-Ecutioners.