Church Blackened, Scandinavia Calling


Jakobstrøm Live fra Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo, Norway 20200605

It would have been the night of the album release show of Mothers Of The Land together with The Röad Crew. Instead, at 9 pm you could witness the live premiere of the new Crazy Town tune, and one hour later, the online journey heads north.

That heavy sound is a cultural treasure, Norway proofed with Satyricon playing at sports events and with the National Opera Chorus and that acts like Motorpsycho even visit Svalbard. And the capital Oslo has a lot to offer, like the wonderful surrounding of Holmenkollen, the Vigeland Sculpture Park and Ekeberg and the center with the Akershus FortressNational Opera and impressive city hall.

Just twenty minutes from Neseblod Records, passing the Rock In and Vaterland, where they showed the stream as well, the Kulturkirken Jakob is situated. Sibiir, who supported Kvelertak at e.g. the Conrad Sohm basically would have just finished their “Ropes European Tour”. Now they present a very special show, which can be supported by buying tickets or an exclusive shirt.

The church itself is put into a wonderful setting. There’s decent light coming through the windows. The columns are shimmering, as is the floor. The stage appears in the right atmosphere with the haze and colored light, that is used effective. The Blackened Hardcore of the band comes perfectly clear from the speakers, getting the energy to your home.

Basically, the whole thing is easy to summarize: The band itself as well as their sound is just powerful. Also the rare quieter parts just spread a great feeling seeing them in this beautiful church situation. Songs like “Guillotines”, “These Rats We Deny” and the final “The Spiral” are a punch growing stronger as well as the ones from the new record “Ropes”, released in October last year. A live stream event that actually couldn’t be better in any way.