Danke Ciao – Lost in Leading Spaces

Lvmen, Tomáš Palucha

Mitgefangen Mitgehangen Tour II, Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20180905


Fall is slowly arriving. And with it, Roadtrip To Outta Space is back. The amazing concert series will host Dorian Sorriaux of the Blues Pills, Stoned Jesus, The Vintage Caravan and The Picturebooks, Elder, Yob and Wiegedood, Brant Bjork, Mudhoney, Mantar, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats and more at the Arena Wien until the end of the year.

This wonderful Wednesday evening, two acts from Czech Republic make the start. Tomáš Palucha is the young formation, which laid down an awesome record with “Čaroin June. The show begins with a strong crescendo that leads to a journey of ups and downs. It includes surprisingly short tracks, very conciliatory tones and an unbelievable gorgeous break towards the end. The visuals show (sometimes barely recognizable) a caravan of camels, dancers, a birth, nuns and a sweet match cut from a Wild West horse-drawn carriage to a school bus. A show that gives you goose bumps, also because of the great drum parts.

Concerning the drum parts. Lvmen perform with two drummers. Generally Tomáš Palucha stays on stage, only one leaves but three more appear. It’s their second tour to promote the LP “Mitgefangen Mitgehangen”, that again only consists of tracks named with Roman numerals. The screen this time shows clouds, the moon, moutains, a tornado, snakes, machines and a train remembering of Helmet‘s “Unsung” and a ship like on Bob Tilton’s “Leading Hotels Of The World”. The two drummers play drum-rolls alternately and have their entries consecutively. If you consider this as noise you’re lost, but otherwise you are lost in the sound. A true live highlight that one really should have seen and that makes you go with the music and suddenly realize that you got a big smile on your face. “Danke, ciao!”