Baking Pan Yellofied


Live Tour 2017 presented by LSK – die Konzertagentur, Wiener Stadthalle D, Austria 20171206


Where do you think you are, when one spotlight shines on a guy with a great moustache, saying “Good evening”. The voice gets distorted, the sound comes in, and on the screen a baking pan and other household utilities fly through a city of skyscrapers. No doubt, you are attending a Yello concert.

“This is crazy!” a girl screams. Better, it is amazing! “Vielen Dank. Welcome Dieter Meier”, is the next announcement by Boris Blank, the musical mastermind of this legendary Suisse Electro Pop duo. Under applause, the singer enters the stage too, together with a brass section of five, a percussionist, a drummer, a guitarist and two background singers. Now on the stage are twelve people by number, and “Do it” hits in. Maybe at this point it is necessary to say, that this writer doesn’t actually can separate Drum’n’Bass from Techno, but celebrates artists like Overseer and Mr. Oizo.

Therefore, the mixture within Yellos music is perfect, because you got the rocking party hits as well as calmer tunes. As special guests, jazz singer Malia sings even a duet with Dieter, who at the point shows, that apart of the rapping style, his voice sounds thrilling like this too. And also London based artist FiFi Rong performs two songs. The announcements stay interesting. For example when it comes to “Oh Yeah”, Dieter recalls the story lying at the beach, getting the track by Boris. Nothing came to his mind, what doesn’t happen often, he says. But in the situation, at the beach with a drink in the sun what would you think? Oh Yeah..

With the help of Boris own App the “Yellofier”, they go one step further from “Unplugged” to “Unrehearsed”. Probably no one can be cooler than them two jamming “Bostich” with a mobile phone. Only Boris again when screaming during “Si Senior The Hairy Grill”.