Respect The Silver Hair

Officium Triste, In Aevum Agere, Mountain Throne, Black Revelation, Liquid Earth

Doom Over Vienna XV – Day 2 presented by Soundwall Entertainment, Escape Metalcorner, Austria 20211119

As an endless list of planned concerts like Christoh, Cadû & Ultima Radio, Gina Holzmann, Wheel, Magic Delphin or Árstíðir had to be cancelled, the second day of Doom Over Vienna, counterpart of the Doom Over Haifa, will be the last show for a long time. But what show this one was!

Many visitors of Day 1 show up for the first band Liquid Earth already again, who recently played at Arena. They spontaneously replace Magma Rise, who had to cancel like B.S.T. Like Kerbmaldarr, they open the evening instrumentally. Suitably slow with an eldritch drive they perform three songs, finessing the volume control and bursting out.

Black Revelation have to restart due to technical problems but then deliver a set full of Groove and Power. Like Black Sabbath, they wear the same crosses. Tunes like „The Fall Of Decadence“ and „Demon King“, the whole band enthusiastically sings with. This motivation transitions to the following Mountain Throne from Baden Württemberg. There is some Thrash impact in their sound as well as Orchid, as the shirt of bassist Clemens shows. And Frank jokes that the album title „The Silver Light“ has nothing to do with the hair colour of the singer. 

After „No More Tears“ during the break and new discoveries like Bitchfork and Minatoria, In Aevum Agere from Naples then work with fulminant drums and guitar licks like Alexi Laiho. They have a brand new record out named „Emperor Of Hell – Canto XXXIV“. As final, they cover Candlemass. The final formation of the evening and the whole festival is Officium Triste. Coming from Rotterdam, they have visited the city before, like in 2009 with Isole and Evoken. They are godfathers for likes of Hamferð and Downfall of Gaia. From „The Death Of Gaia“, they play „World In Flames“ next to earlier tracks like „In Pouring Rain“. A fantastic and strong closer by five old men, as they joke themselves, for a wonderful and amazingly organized festival.