The power of voices in the dark valley

Junipa Gold, Stereo Ida, DuoLia.

Weihnachtskonzert presented by Soundevent, Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn, Austria 20191227


After the Christmas concert with gab&gal at the Spielboden, the Conrad Sohm hosts another one with three young and local bands.

In the beginning, DuoLia. from the Bregenzerwald enthuses their audience. The two girls already played at locations like the Saumarkt, the Kulturverein Bahnhof Andelsbuch, as well as festivals like the Szene Open Air and poolbar Festival. Next to their wonderful own compositions like “Holy Water” and “Waste it” they also perform covers like the traditional “Wälderbähnle” or “Bella Ciao”. With their great voices and soulful playing they remind of acts like Months Of Indecision or Loch Lomond.

The comparison with Open Hair bands like Clara Yucatan could go on for the next act Stereo Ida. They have been very active too at venues like the Chybulski, TiK or Klappe 2. They start their set with “Tu me manques”. An absolute highlight marks the amazing “Night Sea Journey”. Coming to “Mali Muzikant” they ask if any Yugoslavians are present, joking that guitarist and mandolin player Marco (Sir Psyko and his Monsters, The Nogoodniks) is the only one, plus they thank the sound engineer Squini.

After country and Harri Stojka gipsy vibes from the previous bands, Junipa Gold (which’s name reminds of Alice Gold) now go on with rock sounds, that out of some reason remind of anymajordude. Like Stereo Ida, they have played a Zusammenklang Session, the music store of their drummer Fabio. Their powerful show ends with a “Sweet Child O’ Mine” cover and their first music video track “Let Me Go”. The band carried their music from the Glashus to the Rififi and soon will play again in Dornbirn at the Spielboden. And bassist Pascal (Emma’s Daydream) announces his first show as booker: Peter Muffin (side project of Die Nerven) will play a Valentine’s Day show for lovers at the Hugo Pansen with Traurig in Europa on 14th Febuary 2020.