A light to a Motorpsycho

Stoned Jesus, Mothership, Elephant Tree

The Pilgrimage Tour / Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Wien, Austria 20180919


Yep, the season of Roadtrip To Outta Space has started. Lvmen and Tomáš Palucha started it off, and the welcoming atmosphere at the Arena does not leave a doubt that it is a good decision to be here again.

Yet another band that claims to be from London but with origins from the UK, Canada and New Zealand opens the evening with awesome arrangements which don’t get the right sound in the beginning: Elephant Tree. But as the quality increases, the motivation of the band and the audience increases, the synthesizer sounds suddenly fit and their idols like The Melvins and Electric Wizard feel close. Just to push it further, Kelley of the next band already joins for one song before a sweetly slowed down “Paranoid” cover ends the set.

The following Mothership are the speed department of the evening, carrying the rock n roll spirit. Their powerful performance you should not miss and in between they even find time to have a smoke with a fan with a Bongzilla cap (who recently played the Between Bregenz with Dopethrone and Sons of Otis, poster by Dr. Knoche). The riff of their hit “City Nights” is like “Killers” of Motörhead slowed down, yet a great tune with motivational lyrics. The set includes another two guest appearances of Jack (Elephant Tree) and of Igor of…

Stoned Jesus. Headliner of this night and without any guest appearance, as the members of the earlier bands are whether on the balcony or in the very first front row. Coming from the Ukraine, they present a very varying sound, from Doom Metal to Psych Stoner to Prog Rock as they write themselves. One highlight for sure is the amazing “Thessalia”. “I’m The Mountain” features those wonderful quiet parts to fall in trance, “Water Me” reminds of “Planet Joe” and the final “Black Woods” gets a pit going. A truly incredible musical journey.