An Acetous Dangerous Nordish Sweetie But Not Salmiakki

Swedish Death Candy, Good Cop

fluc Wien, Austria 20180911


And yet another time back at the fluc, right next to the Viennese town’s landmark the Riesenrad. Summer break for sure is over as one asserts and the place hosts an up-and-coming band that causes first reactions like “very nice”, “an enormous record” and “what an ingenious sound”.

But before, Good Cop perform a very sweet and powerful show. They have been around for years playing shows e.g. at Arena and Venster 99. Since February they got their rehearsal room at the famous EKH plus the new member Aaron. And this night, they show how good the three of them work together. The songs from their self-titled debut vary a lot, but always stay “lo-fi” and between punk and grunge. Crispy short songs next to skate hymns (“Kickflip”) next too melodies you could maybe have found on Dave Grohl’s Late!Pocketwatch”. During the fun announcements we learn that a cold thumb “is not good” while the question remains if it is more authentic to clear one’s throat into the microphone or not.

After a short break the tension rises as the wonderful place brings you Swedish Death Candy for incredible 10 euro – “The cheapest show they play this tour.” Thanks for that, with 20 euro more for a Vinyl (with flashing cover art by Jiwoon) it’s just fair enough. As a pupil, that was a lot, now it’s hard to think of how the bands can go on with little money like this. And especially how amazing the show is you get for it! Heavy riffs and awesome licks from Queens Of The Stone Age to Wolfmother to The Black Hollies. A great sounding cocktail, like the combination of the origins of the band members Italy, South Korea and the UK. The presentation is electrifying, so the huge sound, happy people and nice place congregate to one perfect concert night.