The Bird Is Gone (Single 2024)

Sun State Of Mind

Psychedelic Pop Soul Sunshine vibrations from Vienna

The U-Bahn-Stars in Vienna are a network of many artists performing at public stations like Timay, Yunger, Sam Chalcraft, Michael Dey, Knostl da Rapper, Wemimo, Salena, Hamid Saeb and more. Apart from those solo artists, there are some groups like Philmris or another one, currently getting ready for their second album release. 

Stephi and Max build the duo Sun Sate Of Mind like Papermoon. In addition to their commitment as U-Bahn-Stars, they are active at Planet Festival Tour, 88.6 Seaside Festival, Lichterloo Festival and many more to come. After the debut „Window“ with songs like „Strangers“ and „Story of My Life“ recently, „The Bird Is Gone“ is the next single from „Nothing stays the same“. 

The cover displays a concrete wall with ivy and white spots, so it looks like rain drops in a forest in the first moment. The song starts with a note similar to „Beat It“ and a feeling of „Steelstreet Blues“. The beat separated has a „Teardrop“-vibe. And finally the guitars sound pretty cool, with a lick like „Hedonism“ and some fine effect on it. 

With a little vibrato on the vocals, the lyrics bring up „No More Drama“, and a pre-chorus takes the song to the climax where Everlast comes in. This is because the tune mainly lives from its rhythm as well as various voices and the hook. Later on, it is spiced up with a Weezeresque solo and the final outro.

„The Bird is Gone“ a distorted voice announces at the end and the last split chord. The combination of uplifting elements on the pulse of this composition carry it all way through. And as it is only the second single of the second album so far, there is yet more to come like the follow-up „Stand Up“.