Claves in so deep


Habakustics 9 at Café Habakuk Wien, Austria 20240226

In the sixth district, a stone’s throw from spots like Café Monic, Dublin and Raymond’s, the Café Habakuk is situated. Posters of „Barbarella“, „Fantomas“, „Purple Rain“ and other pictures decorate the walls of the cosy livingroom. The sounds of Massive Attack, Moby and Air fill the air. Yet tonight, there will be more.

After almost a year, it is the night of Habakustics volume 9. Starting with Ruben, acts like Arnold Burk (who plays at Café Stadtbahn the same evening and is part of Fainschmitz) or the Gewürztrio took the chance to play in this intimate atmosphere. This time, it is a home game for Ivery, who played her last concert in the city at The Loft in December

She shot some scenes for the music video of „Wild Love“ at the very place. Meanwhile, she teamed up with Ink Music, was featured in Seitenblicke and has a new single in the pipeline. For the fully crowded room, the band goes full acoustic. Drummer Michael Schatzmann even abstains from a cajon but brought several percussion instruments.

Claves perfectly accompany „How does it feel“ and one falling to the ground creates laughters. Like „Gone Away“, „Believer“ deals with the subject of loss, in this case of a friend, as she reveals. The version of „Little Bluebird“ with Johannes Schweiger on guitar only and all bandmembers as choir might be the most beautiful one.

The same applies to „Lost Dreams“ with the mighty doublebass by Tobias Pöcksteiner and finally the sweet guitar of Simon Blankenbichler. „You Let Me Down“ she selected as the upcoming single, „Beast Of Burden“ she dedicates to a co-founder of Café Habakuk in absentia and „In the light“ is the final encore they didn’t even practice the day before.

Like Voodoo Jürgens plays several ‚club shows‘ at Schutzhaus Zukunft, Orpheum, Cabaret Fledermaus, Kulisse and U4, the intimate setting like at Unders make this performance so very special. And another reason are the songs and the wonderful acoustic arrangements with several voices.