Der Sänger im Roggen (Album 2023)

Tom The One

Dialekt-Punk Singer-Songwriter

No music feels as true on acoustic guitar like Punk Rock. So many coming from the genre or being influenced by it changed their electric instrument for good and the purity. Examples are City and Colour, Corey Taylor, Wino, Migre Le Tigre and Sam Chalcraft. Or Yunger, who put out a new single the very day, that a Pongau local hero presents his solo album. 

Three On Speed reduced by one are Two On Glue minus one again is Tom The One. Many might know him from the Glue Crew. FM4 puts him into the Austro Pop shelf. But between Danzer and Wanda there is a lot of space for likes of Fritsch & The Jims and the Punk Singer-Songwriter record „Der Sänger im Roggen“ after „The Catcher in the Rye“, out via Stuhl Records and celebrated with a party at the Bricks with Moscht and DJ Phillip Lyness in presence of FS1 and Salzburg Rock City

Tom published two books so far, played with likes of DeeCRACKS and on YouTube, songs like „The Salmiakki Song“ are up since years. The solo album starts with a melody reminding of „In The Sun“ from „Scrubs“. It leads directly to „Wos ma doa ko“. The song basically sums up the following content. We are in trouble, but if you look hard enough, you might find a ray of hope. 

Hard and honest lyrics, but hanging with friends can help to forget for some time. „Mei Vodda hod a Crystal-Meth-Labor“ is obviously leaned on Hans Söllner including the wordplays. The voice is mostly rough. But coming e.g. to „Tränen“, it gets soft. With a pinch of Ratzenbeck guitar in the back, it asks if someone really wants to have kids in this world. 

With a little bit of The Fray, Tom then talks about „Punkrock, Pornos & Poesie“ and the returning stress after the pandemic, continuing with funny melodies, bitter and clear words with the peak of openheartedness in „Manifesto“, ending with „Die Nocht is no jung“. And forsooth, the dialect is the right language for the music of Tom The One.

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