You Cannot Kill Rock’n’Roll

The Libertines, The Ramona Flowers, Dead Freights

„Up The Bracket 20th Anniversary Tour“ presented by FM4 Indiekiste / Barracuda Music at Bank Austria Halle Gasometer Vienna, Austria 20221107

Maybe younger generations don’t care too much about this certain wave of Indie Rock featuring likes of The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys, but at least for part of the Generation Y (and X) this Monday night’s main group are heroes. Welcome to a time journey with the DeLorean back to the early 2000s.

Before, let’s take a look on their heritage. Walking down the circle in the Gasometer, the mangy sparkling Garage sound of the Dead Freights pulls us way down the stairs, round the corner and close to the middle of the hall. Hailing from Southampton, they are wild, extroverted and unleashed. While their logo reminds of Deaf Rat, especially their lively singer makes think of Deadletter or Ryder The Eagle or Joe Cocker. A fantastic show with the marvelous sound as direct and appealing as The Cramps or Dead Weather or Hives or whatever gets you the Rock’n’Roll way like „Who Said Scared“.

The setup of support act number two already gives a hint to the upcoming Electronic Synth Pop Rock and big sounding Gretsch action. Not as flashy as Broken Ego but danceable like Bilderbuch and Ruhmer and dreamy like Ultravox, The Ramona Flowers find their way from ears to hearts. Their name brings up Paul Flowers from „Scrubs“, while their vocal harmonies with higher and lower voices help the little bit romantic danceable feeling. QR codes on the sides give the opportunity to win a trip to another one of their gigs.

And then there they go: The Libertines. The band is as legendary as the two masterminds behind, and finding the name reflecting their attitude is just how Wonk Unit did it about ten years later. Pete Doherty also got known for the Babyshambles, dating Amy Winehouse and not appearing to shows. But here he is, and the audience obviously loves to celebrate the first album „Up The Bracket“ in its full. And the happy mood stays for younger hits like „Gunga Din“ as well for the final classics „Can’t Stand Me Now“ and „Don’t Look Back Into the Sun“. Even while leaving, the smiling faces remain sustainable, as the melodies in the head.