Exchange To Create Something Beautiful Together

The Vintage Cinema Club, Candid, Broken Ego

Café Carina Wien, Austria 20221104

The Café Carina. Home to relaxed and intimate local concert highlights. While the Metal scene celebrates the Thrash elite with Enclave and Mortal Strike at ((szene)) and Vermocracy at Escape, the arch 42 hosts a very special Rock line-up.

Stand By Your Man“ sounds from the speakers, after Broken Ego complete their soundcheck with a little Occult and Classic Rock excursion of the guitar. That is the extra candy in their Electronic Pop Rock similar to Noise Flow, which even works without a live drummer. They start off with the opener of their CDElectric Girl“. More picks from the album are „See You Soon“, „Everything Is Perfect“ and „Never Know“.

After this fun beginning, Candid bring in the classic Alternative Rock. Their visual appearance reminds of former Rola Music artist Camu from Finland. They played at the very place before with OON and Paloma004. With songs like „Dance Dance Dance“, they can make their audience move, and with others, they want to take them ‚to outer space‘. Calmer parts like the beautiful bass solo stand out, as well as heavier ones sounding more Indie or like The Raconteurs, Fabian Squinobal and even Newsted. And between the tracks, singer Tim finds time for a joke about finding them on MySpace.

As final act, Candid invited The Vintage Cinema Club from Salzburg to come over. They are regulars at the Corner, appeared at the Rockhouse recently and soon will play at the Bricks. Especially the constantly great performance of drummer John and the nice airy fill-ins of guitarist Lukas are attractions this night. The set includes „Dance into the Midnight“ from „Fashion“ and several newer ones too. Amongst others, they present their next single that will be out a week later talking about „Bangkok“ and remember their gig at the Café with Mr. White three years ago. A special moment happens, as their encore turns to a „Hey Jude“ choir with the audience, before they end it with the title track from their album.

This exchange in local bands is lovely to experience. And for those who want more, e.g. Die Botschatn will play soon at the same day as Kid Pex with Def Ill at Chelsea and Bezzer Weezer will rock the Kramladen with Dynamo Mühlschüttel a little bit later.