Back Where It All Began

Cadû, Inspector Deniz & The Ding Dongs

Chelsea Vienna, Austria 20220414

Depending on where you are at, this balmy Thursday gives you different live opportunities: Juleah plays at Conrad Sohm, while Lightts is part of the line-up at Kramladen. And at Chelsea, a postponed concert from November finally takes place.

Half a decade already passed, since the first gig ever for tonight’s headliner at the very place. Ultima Radio would have joined them last year, but this time, Inspector Deniz & The Ding Dongs, short IDDD do the honor. They shared the stage with e.g. Hypnotic Floor already. As demanded from their fans, they start with a ‚swirl‘, leading to a lead like „Mission: Impossible“. As their show continues, the speed grows. The skills of the three-piece, they especially demonstrate in an extended jam on a magical riff and when bass in guitar switch. From Blues like The White Stripes, Funk and Rock’n’Roll, AC/DC, Dÿse and The Doors, there is a lot to find in their sound. In their unadapted way, they are a great support for the following.

StoneFree (Tentacula, Willow Child) act Cadû celebrated their live premiere here in 2017. Today, their amp is a shrine and on fretless! bass is Lukas Florian, replacing Tim. Their new song material is exciting, a lot of Rock to make the heads spinning. Of course, tracks from „Steelstreet“ like „Metro“, „Create a Haze“ and „Hyenas“ are still impressive too. And „Random Shit Looks Like A Race Car“ is made to heat up the party. Strong as ever, Cadû make the Chelsea tremble like they did already the first time. To document this vibrant live action, Koen Smet takes beautiful pictures from the first row. Checking the flyer of the venue, „Punk The Capital“ featuring Henry Rollins promises an outstanding screening happening soon, and also Greyshadow will be in the house this summer.