40-50-60 Years Of Energy

The Rolling Stones, Bilderbuch

Sixty Tour presented Barracuda Music, Ernst-Happel-Stadion Wien, Austria 20220715

Gigs, gigs, gigs, wienkonzert just put it right for this concert week, as especially this Friday we are spoiled for choice: Yunger, Churchpenny Allstars and Lightts would be the local heroes. But the summer of big names continues as well with the METAStadt Open Airs. And at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion, where Guns N’ Roses played on Wednesday, another legend is up this night.

As support, they invited Bilderbuch, who usually easily fill e.g. Schönbrunn alone. With „Spliff“, „Bungalow“ and of course especially „Maschin“, they get people on their side, even though still the feeling arises, that most of them wait for the main act. The Indie-Art-Pop-Rock simply might be bit to far away with their sound, and someone like Gary Clark Jr. two days ago would have been more fitting. But as professional as they are, they deliver a solid and danceable show.

Tonights headliner are The Rolling Stones and their „Sixty“-Tour. Like the remaining Beatles Paul and Ringo, they are real legends with an incredible reputation. From their endless list of hits, the audience could vote for five, with „Wild Horses“ being the winning tune. „Angie“ and „Under My Thumb“ unfortunately are missing, but there are enough other Goldies. 

Mick, Keith and Ronnie start with „Street Fighting Man“ and „Let’s Spend The Night Together“, telling that they miss their recently passed drummer Charlie Watts. „Like A Rolling Stone“ from Bob Dylan awakens ancient feelings. „Paint It Black“ is set in the middle, and Mick tells from their time at Hotel Imperial, Schweizerhaus and the Würstelstand

In the last quarter, „Sympathy For The Devil“, „Start Me Up“, „Gimme Shelter“, „J.J. Flash“, and „Satisfaction“ chase each other. Bernard Fowler (A Bowie Celebration) helps on vocals, as the Dzvinochok and Vognyk choirs from Ukraine on „You Can’t Always Get What You Want“. 

In the end there are different perceptions, as some tell they were missing ‚more show‘. But the performance at this age is just unbelievable, and the free concert at Copacabana in front of 1.5 Million visitors in 2006 didn’t need much more either. So we are thankful for being part of this experience. And flyers promote The Original Wailers, Temptations and Gregory Porter..