Up On Their Feet Looking Beautiful

The Killers, The Lathums

Imploding The Mirage Tour presented by FM4 Indiekiste and Barracuda Music, Wiener Stadthalle D, Austria 20220712

It has been a long time since the big acts could rock the masses. But this summer, many of them return, and so we return not to hall F, not E, but D of the Wiener Stadthalle for the first time since Tenacious D in 2020.

FM4 Indiekiste and Barracuda Music present another Indie classic like Muse, Franz Ferdinand, The Subways or Cranberries. A drink and gossip at the Kebap Master at Urban-Loritz-Platz, and off we go with several other visitors in direction of Märzpark.

The Lathums made it to number one of the charts in their native country the UK with their debut album „How Beautiful Life Can Be“. The solo and rhythm guitar does an outstanding job, and during the acoustic version of „All My Life“, more and more mobile lights raise up to the ceiling. A beautiful start, and in „Circles of Faith“, one can recognize parallels to local Indie Pop lovers gab&gal.

Very punctual, The Killers from Las Vegas begin their show with a bang. Since they were supposed to play with U2 and their appearance at Frequency, some time has passed. During the last two years, they been busy at the studio and so they start with „My Own Soul’s Warning“ from „Imploding the Mirage“, followed by „Enterlude“ and „When You Were Young“. The big shots „Human“ and „Somebody Told Me“ are set in the halftime, while especially the second celebrates their origin with a lot of lasers. But the nine people on stage make a wonderful picture anyway, and the sound wins by the guitar strumming and violin of one background singer.

A great move is when The Lathums return to perform one of their songs together with The Killers. It all ends with „Mr. Brightside“, and seeing all the guests on the tribunes around standing and shaking is heart moving.