The wonderful club stories

Black Salvation, The Black Bones, Tentacula

Presented by dazed & confused shows, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20181108


dazed & confused shows are responsible for wonderful stories like the concert of Ecstatic Vision, Madhouse Express and Interhell at Venster 99. Their beautiful posters can be found throughout the whole city, and now they present a special Psychedelic insider tip from Germany.

But first Tentacula from Linz play their flimsy rhythms, that also can get more aggressive. But in general it’s a very danceable sound, what singers Patrick and Penny at one point demonstrate on the floor with the audience. A very cool action, like the usage of a beer bottle as bottleneck like bassist Chri. The last song features a mighty Sabbath-like riff and heavy drums of Michi, who also plays at Phobos.

It goes on with The Black Bones, who e.g. played a gig with I’m A Sloth and the Carousals at Café Carina. In January they released their self-titled EP featuring five songs, starting with the amazingly driving “VU”. Pure straight handcrafted stoner Rock’n’Roll. They deliver an awesome performance that conveys the feeling that these three young boys just belong on the stage. Simply great.

And then it is time for the Psychedelic export hit from Leipzig, Germany: Black Salvation. The band just released their second full-length after “In Deep Circles”, “Uncertainty Is Bliss” via Relapse Records. After seeing the video for “Breathing Hands” it’s clear, this is going to be fun. And so it is, a live experience that makes one move. A sovereign show, that clearly points out that these guys know their instruments, especially singer Paul, who can play his guitar with gentle knocks. The set features also calmer notes, but just to add another climax, expanding the dynamic.

Even though not too many people attended this concert at Chelsea, for the ones who did, it was another wonderful story by dazed & confused shows, and all of it for very little money.