Beneath (Album 2021)

Tremor Ama

Stoner Prog Sludge Psychedelic Rock

From freelance PR agent and New Noise journalist Clément Duboscq, who brought us closer to atmospheric Intraveineuse, comes another brand-new record tip. Greatly sold in his appealing words, this music is made to take you to another reality.

The five-piece Tremor Ama sends their quakes from the town of Creil, situated at the river Oise with an island in its middle. Their art is a complete work with concept, as their sound and visuals disclosed already on the self-titled EP. Their logo features a Scandinavian ‘Ø’ and a Metal umlaut. The cover of the debut album created by Monkey & Marie Rouprich is held in cold purple, a shade of color which we meet again in their first music video.

Musically the record starts with a dark and dissonant precursor, seamless going over to “Green Fire”. Name and overall feeling remind of “Fertile Green” by High on Fire. The track stands high in Stoner tradition of its main pioneers like Brant Bjork (new band Stöner) and everything we can find at a Roadtrip To Outta Space.

Important are the strong voice and of course the impact of the groove, salted with a little bit of piano synthesizer, keeping it gloomy. For “Eclipse”, the group shot a live session at the brewery Brasserie D’Orville, in which we see the reduced drum set of Maxime Lesage (who did the mixing and mastering too), that is obviously enough to bring the huge groove.

Song number four is titled “Mirrors”, exhuming memories of likes of Ufomammut and Motorpsycho, again pointing out the present voice of Raphaël Guichard. As first single with the already mentioned video, Tremor Ama have released the final “Grey”, unleashing the wild side including fast guitar parts.

In the video, director and editor Jules Gondry worked with colours, hallucinogenic effects and a creature like on “The Call of the Iron Peak” by The Devil’s Trade. Like countrymen Birds of Nacza, Tremor Ama take one far while grounding in the very place at the same time.

They don’t follow a specific genre which is good, as they presumably create what is fun to them and what is fun to listen to. Spacy and reverbing, mixing parts to a grooving Rock’n’Roll Stoner pleasure.