Pull It Off In Shimmering Lights

Fat Chester, Here For A Reason, Deadends, The Rumperts, Mudfight, Far From Autumn

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Rumours tell, that it was sometime during lockdown, when Christoph of Discorrected named the Captain decided, that when this will be over, he will host a festival. And finally the time has come, that the ((szene)) opens its doors for two evenings, and six Punk acts on each of them.

Starting on Friday are Far From Autumn. They just released their very first single with video. The bass sounds great on this big stage. Their new material is more mid-tempo compared to before, and one riff at the end could be interpreted as bow to Weezer. Who didn’t know Mudfight before might be surprised of their power. They appear more classic Punk like the Sex Pistols or Iggy Pop, having songs from the EP “Safe Zone” with them. Changing singer for the encore, their fan crowd barely can keep its seats.

Another band from SBÄM Records are The Rumperts. They know their craft, of which Black Flag and Off! are the pioneers. And soon they’ll play at the Arena and at the replugged. Reduced light is part of the concept of the Deadends too, never having any direct spot on them. They tell that they have recorded an album and happily present songs from it and even add a little “Eye Of The Tiger”-fill.  

Here For A Reason hit a nerve as well and do an amazing job in holding high the Pop Punk banner. Their set includes “Standby”, “The Fly”, “Throwback” and “2020 C.K.M.I.T.B.” featuring SEBi!. Final act of this first festival day is Fat Chester, finalists of the radio 88.6 bandcontest from Upper Austria. Next to songs like “I’m A Different Guy” and “Salvation” (the title making think of the movie), they play a new one as well. After one highlight is chasing the next one, the anticipation is high for the second round.