Little Bluebird (Single 2020)

Verena Koppendorfer

light and shadow, silence and movement, flying and keeping


Birds are chirping, as the glistening sunbeams break through the branches. The blossoms and leaves are waving slightly in the wind. And now take this image from the music video and think of what it could sound like.

The piano starts to play, and instantly the gentle voice comes in too. Verena Koppendorfer has her background at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. With her class she sang e.g. at the Spaces 2.0. Now this song kind of describes her way and her story with the final outcome of publishing and sending this wonderful first piece of music to the world.

At first one might think it is about a bird, that is not allowed to get out, but on the second glance, it is about the voice being kept inside and only being free “at night, when there’s nobody out”. A feeling, that maybe many will know and can relate to in various correlations. But this song is the undisputed proof: It definitely was the right thing, to let this bird out, and it would have been sadder, to keep it inside.

After the first third, the second voice adds some rhythm. Listening to the soft pronunciation gives goosebumps. A positive cuddly mood, but not intrusive or too corny, just heart-warming. The backing instrumental stays discreet, as this tune is about the voice, that is accentuated and includes choir and canon characters.

Like this, the Charles Bukowski inspired lyrics have the poetic of Bob Dylan. The message is reflected as Ryder The Eagle, with the hopefulness of Hayley Reardon, the devotion of Yann Tiersen, the ease of Kristin Hersh and finally the joy of Christóh. Support Verena received by her brother Markus Koppendorfer on percussion and her friend Michael Schatzmann, known as Treasureman and producer of for example Onk Lou and live musician for likes of Philiam Shakesbeat.