Minimalistic Keys Transmitting Big Images


Homestage Festival, Austria 20200329


The Homestage Festival comes to its final phase. After two days and acts like Kerosin95, it ends on Sunday but not without presenting more highlights going into Justin Currie solo direction.

One is Christoph Ertl, who many might know as frontman of Gospel Dating Service. And while drummer David Ruhmer went on tour with Oehl, he worked on his solo project Christóh. His home is Assim Records, which celebrated its label night at the Jazz:it and hosts artists like Good Wilson (ex-LILI) and Yakata. Also he played at e.g. the Clash presented by Songcircle or the first “Auslagen-Konzert” supported by Silent Disco.

The way Christóh invites his audience to his living room and his music make feel welcome and comfortable immediately. Several plants are to see inside and outside, and the voice sounds kindly. He has prepared “some piano songs, own ones and two covers”. The first one is “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar, before he tells that his flat mates are joining him at the moment, and in the garden the kids have a tipi.

Even though “minimalistic”, as Christóh describes his music himself, it appears like big words and gestures packed in beautiful piano pieces. His newest song is about the dream many might have had already: living with all friends at one place. But extended with the idea that everyone there is riding on horses. A picture that combines the idyll of “Dilemma” with Western images.

As second cover he chose “Something” from “Abbey Road” by The Beatles. Also he promotes his lates single “Totem”, and little bit more electro track with an appealing GTA / NFS music video. It is the follow up to “Love Life”, which was also published as acoustic session recorded by David Furrer and with XING, Moa Kilz and Ines Kolleritsch, sister of Kerosin95.