Christmas arrived (and rocks a lot)

Verena Koppendorfer, Simon Blankenbichler

Oh Palmenbaum – Weihnachtskonzert für einen guten Zweck, Austria 20201223


To some people it is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’: the time around Christmas. And for musicians, it’s a topic a ton of songs exist about, and also it is a good reason for special appearances.

Therefore, one year ago gab&gal invited to their show with friends. This time, Verena Koppendorfer and Simon Blankenbichler from Carlos gather their audience online, to sing for them and to collect for Doctors without Borders, Sea-Watch and Tamar. Earlier this year, Verena released her first original song. But for today, the two made maybe the most rocking Christmas selection possible.

One of the most famous Christmas records might be Bing Crosby’sWhite Christmas”, and bands like Bad Religion made great cover versions too. But there are many more songs and so they start flipping with “Winter Wonderland”. Simon plays a very rhythm based guitar, and both sing either together or alternating. In some occasions Verena even uses a second effect microphone.

The number of viewers is increasing steadily during the second tune by Paul McCartney. In the comment section, Proberaum Scheibbs and Engel Mayr are present as well as friends and relatives, as “Driving Home For Christmas” and the huge Queen song follow, which due to the phenomenal musical accomplishment works great in this reduced lineup.

As mentioned, the selection is pretty rocking, like “Rocking around the Christmas tree” known from “Home Alone” as well as “Run Rudolph Run” from Chuck Berry, that was covered by Lemmy. Simon points out he loves the line “all I want for Christmas is a Rock and roll electric guitar” – even he wouldn’t need one as he tells.

After “Merry Christmas Everyone”, Verena and Simon thank those who helped them make this stream work and sing to all the federal states from Vorarlberg to Carinthia. Song number eight is from another Beatle before the final “Jingle Bell Rock”, which they take to end their affecting live stream smoothly.