The small Reliever

Victims, Svalbard

European Tour 2019 presented by Doomstar Bookings, Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20191030


Crust Punk and Post Hardcore. To genres that belong to each other, integrating each other, melting together, happy together. Exactly one year ago, the great Progressive relief was performed by the Black Peaks with Tusky and The Prestige ending in an excessive vinyl shopping frenzy. Eventually tonight records will even be sold out.

Tonight’s touring package is brought to you by Doomstar Bookings. The first band is named like an archipelago way north from the Norwegian mainland: Svalbard are hailing from Bristol, hotbed for great artists from all musical directions. Dreamlike melodies paired with brute blastbeats and two frustrated voices screaming out everything. Their live show is full of movement, just like their sisters and brothers in the spirit Canvas and Rolo Tomassi, while their bassist wears a King Dude shirt. On the table for presents, they have the last issues of “Discography 2012-2014” and “One Day All This Will End”.

The Tour headliner Victims like Isole come from one smaller town surrounding Stockholm in the west of south Sweden. They have been around since the 90s already and are at Relapse Records now, home of General Surgery, Primitive Man, Red Fang or The Obsessed. Also Coliseum is signed there, of which two members wear a shirt, and guitarist Gaz has a striking Black Flag tattoo and a blog, where he wrote about this evening too. With them, they brought their new record “The Horse and Sparrow Theory”. Their speedy sound lets one grieve for I.O.N.U. again, and the comparison with Motörhead by Noisey seems valid. Music to let the head fly and bad thoughts go. The last song before the encore they dedicate to Gaz’s dad, who came from Croby to see them. “This song is about your future: “This is the End”. Those smaller heavy concerts at the Arena Dreiraum for sure count to the most beautiful possible.