Lyrical Coaching in Hell

Vienna Calling

Documentary, Arena Sommerkino, Austria 20230821

Apart from ‚Kino wie noch nie‘, ‚Kino am Dach‘ and ‚Science Fiction im Park‘, the Arena Sommerkino is an Insitution of open air cinema in Vienna. „Iron Sky“, „Nightcrawler“, „Heavy Trip“ and „Das ewige Leben“ are just few examples of last years’ movies. Next to „Midsommar“ and „Eismayer“, this summer’s program features a special documentary portraying the local music scene. 

Before the theatrical release at Gartenbaukino, „Vienna Calling“ was shown at Popfest already. At Arena, director Philipp Jedicke and cinematographer and editor Max Berner welcome the audience tell how they sat at the very place, hoping that they will show their movie. Without much ado, they start their ramble through the various and strange Viennese musical world. 

The journey basically starts with Kerosin 95 wearing a wedding dress just few blocks away. Samu Casata explains his plans entering the world of „The Third Man“ right in front of the Wiener Konzerthaus. Gutlauninger has ‚something new‘ coached by Clemens Haipl (Projekt X like Gerald Votava) and EsRap even introduce their family who always knew that a long-distance runner at some point can beat the fast ones. 

In Vienna there’s one of seven entraces to hell. So gebenedeit exist as well as Peep Show concerts. Lyrically like Stefanie Sargnagel and Der Nino aus Wien, who visits hairdresser Erich Joham, lets Voodoo Jürgens paint a picture of him and performs with Ernst Molden

With the action, the viewer experiences iconic places like the Schmauswaberl, Weberknecht, Ungar Grill or of course the Arena. The makers proof a great sense for light and fine yet intense editing, that makes the movie itself a kind of artistic piece together with all of the great music. 

They go into niches but of course (have to) leave out others through their selection. And they don’t need to explain everything happening because like the ideas displayed in their portrayal, the somehow crooked is beautiful anyway.