Gegend (Single 2022)



It is interesting, how sometimes something new develops from a familiar environment. Like when known musicians start a new project. This just happened again in the experimental electronic pop music métier.

Behind the duo of Tachomat, we find a connection to Astro Kit. Under the new name, the very first single is entitled „Gegend“. It speaks from a certain area, more precise the fourth Viennese district, that is home to the Karlskirche and Naschmarkt, Urlaubsguru and Third Man Museum, and many locations like the Wieden Bräu.

It tells, how a neighborhood can ‚smell‘ from a person after a break up. Basically from the melody, the single could be a very standard Pop song and related to Wanda or Bilderbuch. But the instruments and arrangement make it something bigger. So it already found its way to airplay on e.g. radio fm4.

The production notes bring up even more names, as Marco Kleebauer did the Mixing and Martin Scheer the Mastering. On cello, we hear Sebastian Ribar, and on additional flute Raphaela Viehböck. The sweet sound effects top off this modern yet somehow vintage tune.

With the video, Tachomat boost the retro feeling even further. It reminds of the „Linz bei Nacht“-clip featuring Paul Plut of Flut, but in contrast to this one, they worked with found footage. In that way, thinking of the origin of the band, older movies like „Kottan ermittelt“ can play in front of the inner eye as well.

That Tachomat didn’t start their music career with this project is very clear from the beginning because of their high quality. Telling their everyday story makes them even more likeable, and the musical style is on the pulse of time. Representing their hood 1040 like RAF Camora 1150, they might find followers behind the Linienwall quickly.