Trendy Smoky Flashy High

Ankathie Koi

„Pikant“ Album Release Show presented by Spoon Agency, Wiener Konzerthaus, Austria 20240427

Right next to one of the entries to the underground, between Stadtpark and Schwarzenbergplatz, the Wiener Konzerthaus is situated. The house is open for Classical, Modern, Jazz and World music and hosted acts such as Art Garfunkel, Iggy Pop and Air

Tonight, there is a molleton at the back, enlightened by some spots and several balloons. Queen and Althea & Donna carefully make the feet ready to dance at Mozartsaal. Ankathie Koi, who gathered the masses at Pop Fest now sold out this place to present „Pikant“, before continuing the tour at various stops like Festspielhaus St. Pölten, ARGEkultur Salzburg or Kammgarn Hard

As the band comes on stage, the extravagant outfits catch the eye. Ankathie Koi wears a holster, where ‚only vegetables belong‘, as she tells after starting with the album opener „Tiefer“. Older ones like „Viktoria“ elate the audience as well as newer ones like „Baby Boy“, for which she won’t win an award for literature, as she jokes and later explains feminism. 

After an extended keytar-solo, the band leaves the stage, for Ankathie Koi to change and for Nick Ratterton to play the piano. About „Adriana“, she tells how they had a three-way ‚conversation‘ when touring Mexico. Thanking the people who made the album happen, she has a long list, including the band (Michael Schatzmann, Ross Stanciu and Mike Seidl) and Lukas Klement for production. 

He joins on stage with tambourine and guitar like Georg Nöhrer of Yukno on vocals and Yvonne Moriel on saxophone. The latest single „Tanz dich rein“ is about going out and dance until the morning to feel fine and during the final song, Ankathie Koi stagedives to the back. 

The strong voice like in „The Light“ and the delivery of the band and engineers make it a great concert. But also the beautiful hall, where luckily they don’t let too many people in like usually. But after two hours not being able to drink anything as it is forbidden, it is time to change place to Club U accompanied by the Donna Summer outro and later watch the story on ORF Wien heute.