Whole Lotta Reason To Celebrate

Carpathian Forest, Ewïg Frost, Gates Of Sleep

Escape 20th Anniversary, Escape Metalcorner Vienna, Austria 20230303

This weekend is under the banner of anniversaries of iconic bars in Vienna. The Unders counts five years. And for the Escape Metalcorner, the release of the sixteenth album of EnslavedHeimdal“ looks like the sign to celebrate dark music for its twentieth birthday.

With Gates Of Sleep, a regular band starts this two-days-celebration, as they supported e.g. Panzerfaust at the very place. Their Black Metal rumbles and thunders, so it can be heard and felt upstairs. Stepping into the basement, the haze of the fog hides the happening on stage, that produces quiet moments next to brutal and Black’n’Roll parts as well.

During the sound of Cinderella, Ewïg Frost enter the stage, like they did for the Escape Birthday five years ago. This year, they have their 20 years anniversary as well and therefor announced several shows at Arena, Brno, Pilnikofest and STP Metalweekend. After the intro, they run „Into The Night“, dedicate two songs to the upcoming headliner and smash it with more tracks like „High Octane Anarchy“ from „No Dice“. Apart from another great show, they brought newly printed shirts by Dr. Knoche with them. 

The enthusiasm of the audience is big, as it is a big deal to see Carpathian Forest from Norway in a small club like this. They took the way just for this show and another spontaneous one in Budapest. In their set, they like to include covers from The Cure or „All My Friends Are Dead“ by Turbonegro. In the light of the Escape, their corpse paint makes them actually look like mummies, while they play one more tune after another to their excited crowd.

After this amazing live part, the Aftershow Ritual continues with „Come to the Sabbath“ hosted by Franzi, A:P, Robert and Phil. And more Black Metal is served on day two with Impaled Nazarene, while posters announce other upcoming shows like with Nightstalker, Torpedo Torpedo and Out Of Nothing.