Hope in Heavy Kingdom

Wino – The Documentary (2023)


The King of Rock’n’Roll did it as well as the Prince of Darkness. And now it is the turn of the Godfather of Doom. Together with Sharlee Patches, he demands New Terms, and within this idea, she produced a whole feature documentary film promoted by Purple Sage PR.

Right in the beginning, we see Wino shred „Green Speed“ from his acoustic masterpiece „Adrift“. It’s 2023, and he has a lot to tell. Apart from touring to Kristonfest and others like back in the 90s, he takes the viewer into his intellectual world and everyday life. 

Several companions from e.g. Eyehategod, The Skull, COC, Navajo Witch, Tombstone Highway, Weedeater, Down or Pentagram’s Bobby Liebling, who has his own documentary with „Last Days Here“, sat down and tell their experiences. Stories from the Troubadour or how Wino forgot to cut the second sleeve of his shirt at a concert. 

Of course the film is mostly about his music, he has created with The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, Hidden Hand, Probot, Premonition 13 and together with Conny Ochs. For him, it is Hard Rock and all about „passion, obsession and hope“. „We are not really a Doom band, we are a fucking hope band“, he points out. 

His tattoos and clothing are topic as well as ghosts, motorcycles, guns and drugs. He even introduces his family, his mother Sue and his kids Nick, Max and Ali. The interviews in some cases are taken from earlier documentaries like „The Obsessed – Documentary ’94“ featuring Henry Rollins or „Such Hawks Such Hounds“ from 2008. 

Wino is „the kind of person who gives you the shirt off his back“. The movie brings you closer to the person behind the music with a whole lotta archive material and with a DIY charm. You even see him painting, and seeing the look in his eyes, you know he will continue his art as he says. Because success is not the money but the „light and good you bring to people“.