Free Summer Festival Hymns

The Iron Maidens, Bizkit Park

Bank Austria radio 88.6 Rock Bühne at Donauinselfest Wien, Austria 20230624

Tribute shows might not replace the original, but are great fun for fans. That is why the Kurt Cobain Tribute is a success since years or why Kilmister will tour this summer like Bömbers or The Röad Crew. On the radio 88.6 Rock stage at the Donauinselfest, this Saturday is under the sign of big cover bands. 

Coming from Handelskai, the way first passes the main stage, where Bonnie Tyler is today’s highlight. The ‚Friedensbühne‘ is next, where Kid Pex gave a Rap and Sprayworkshop and AF90 played on Friday. And then, where formerly the fm4 stage was situated, now is the 88.6 one, where The Stonez, Volbeer and Lane performed during the afternoon. 

Now at primetime, Bizkit Park from Belgium are here to ‚party like it’s 1999‘. Their name consists of their two main influences Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. But they like to include more Nu Metal heroes like Disturbed, P.O.D., Slipknot, Korn, System Of A Down, Deftones and Drowning Pool as well. So „Faint“ turns to „Rollin’“, „Toxicity“ to „Crawling“ and „My Way“ to „Here To Stay“. The pit is going while „Wait and Bleed“ and „In The End“ and for „Break Stuff“ the singer even gets down from the stage. Only Crazy Town is missing, and how parenting is done right, parents show with their kids on their shoulders, headbanging to „Bodies“ from the „Triple X“ soundtrack. 

Back in 2016, Iron Maiden played on the island, and this time, The Iron Maidens from Los Angeles do the honors. They start with „Doctor, Doctor“ as intro too and end with „Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life“. Between stand the classic hymns like „2 Minutes to Midnight“, „Fear of the Dark“, „The Number of the Beast“ and „Hallowed Be Thy Name“. For „The Trooper“, they brought two flags with them like we know from the original, and of course they don’t leave without „Aces High“ and „Run to the Hills“ as encores. 

After this great shows, the fest continues at Ottakringer Brauerei or at Soho. And on Sunday, more highlights would be waiting at the 88.6 Rock stage like Igel vs. Shark, The Vintage Caravan, H-Blockx and Royal Republic, who recently celebrated with Rock Antenne.