Palm Sunday Tragedy (Single 2020)

The Boy I Used To Be

Expressive Melancholic Music


2020 has been tough for playing concerts. But it seemingly gave some time. And so, the single series of your favorite expressive melancholic musician continues. After the latest “0405” and very recent “Sudokus”, the new one is called “Palm Sunday Tragedy”.

A little bit after presenting the song to the world, The Boy I Used To Be shares the story behind the lyrics and the cover. It shows a scar on his wrist, that he received at a meeting with a glass door when he was a child. A story that sounds quite familiar, as children and glass, metal and other sharp and fragile materials are not always best friends.

The song starts slowly with plucked chords. During the first chorus, the guitar then plays the melody that is also sung, as well as the bass. Then the song takes of and picks up speed with split chords and a very special rhythm. That one The Boy created with very uncommon devices, as he reveals in a story.

He recorded the scratching on the sofa, some scissors and the shaking with a medicine pack. All together add up to the up and going rhythm, which somehow bring up that one Ice Agescene. And it brings Paul Plut to one’s mind, who used special percussion instruments on his solo debut as well.

The track then shifts into another part after the second chorus. The beat stays the same, but the riff changes to a laid back two-chord progression and the addition of the octave. That The Boy uses in the solo too, that builds the final part of the tune and ends it beautifully abruptly on point.

On YouTube, a video of the mirrored guitar neck with a chemical swirl in the background gives a Psychedelic touch. And even though the song tells a quite serious story, the overall feeling is a pretty positive one, due to the creative rhythm and great melody.