Electrifying Notes from the Lighthouse

Yann Tiersen, Quinquis

Kerber Complete Tour 2024: Solo Piano + Electronics presented by Goodlive Artists, Planet TT Halle at Gasometer Wien, Austria 20240301

It feels like it is getting spring time. Not only coming to the weather, but because of this eventful Friday. New records come from Eels, Paul Plut, Black Cherry Marble and Lightts. Churchpenny Allstars play their (luckily regularly) show at Café Carina. U-Bahn-Stars like Frodo together with Maksim as Makaj play the various station. And at Gasometer, Goodlive Artists presents one of the currently most influential pianists.

As support, Quinquis is on board, who reached the city by nighttrain. The meaning of the name is ‚house on a hill surrounded by trees‘. And there are two ways of singing in Brittany: the one to dance and the other to cry and release the pain. So the songs are more sad but with an redeeming effect. And they all tell stories, like „Ôg“ about a sailor, as Quinquis is coming from an island. Or another one about Emily Chappell. Or the final „Take My Breathe Away“ inspired by a covid infection, when Quinquis was taken from the island to hospital by people in protective suits.

‚I have been there‘, Quinquis jokes about everyone waiting for the man at the piano, knowingly smiling. There are know players like Rudolf Buchbinder, David Helbock or Nils Frahm. Yann Tiersen from Brest whereas is known for albums like Eusa or his latest „Kerber“. Standing at his synthesizer console first, he quickly turns to his grand piano for a fistful of compositions to enchant the actually and pleasantly pretty quiet hall. 

Soon he goes back to start the electronic part of his set, that has a cool flow and is nebulous like the foggy sea around the peninsula. Unfortunately, many leave during this part, maybe because of its bit gloomy feeling or the stylistic direction in general.

For fans of e.g. Conan Paul it’s still great and the only actual issue is setting: the size of the place as there is just Yann and no show, and the pace of the music, that might require seats. Apart from that, the concert including a final on the piano is beautiful and relaxed. And the upcoming lineup at Gasometer includes Altin Gün, Akon, Bad Religion, Apocalyptica, In Flames, Hammerfall, Sepultura, In Extremo and more.