Falling (Single 2024)


Indie Electro Post Punk Synthpop

‚Project’s Evolution‘ could be the headline for this article. Because sometimes good stories begin with the vision of one single person. And then they start to grow and expand. This is why you can still catch Magic Delphin live, even though it was meant to be a studio project. And it is why Paul Plut has put out his third album that he presents with band. Or like Ivery, who mostly appears as five-piece too.

Just like these examples, Lightts keeps growing. Started by Miljan Živaljević, there were three previous recordings: „Eyes Closed“, „Walking On The Edge“ and „When The Summer Dies“. Inspired by Foals amongst others, the last one showed Californian palm trees on the artwork, like in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. Now the cover of „Falling“ takes a blurry look down a nighty street lined by skyscrapers and power poles. However, the logo has remained the same, but there is something more important that has changed.

As the first note comes from the synthesizer, the voice of Christiana Giurgiu is there. Short time ago, she and Miljan decide to cast a common musical shadow. And the voices harmonize, as the steady drum beat is the hypnotizing engine. Similar to Grizzley and The Kids or Black Cherry Marble, the guitar lick flies above this ground, like the view through the house valley, and the feet dance unseen in the dark.

The mix greatly merges these parts to a tight and stylistically distinct tune. Like its intention, it makes you see the big city lights, feel the subway roaring in, search for inner peace. And maybe this peace can be found in music. Whether at a Dark Wave party like at Down Under or listening to „Falling“ on headphones. The main thing is that you can switch off for some time.