Haunted Reality (Single + Music Video 2024)

Black Cherry Marble

(Darkened) Post Folk Rock

Realities, changing visions, sounds from Hades. Rooms of colour. The beat of the drum that starts, the tones of the strings that fade. After „Stupid Happiness“, this is a warm welcome to a world beneath. 

Black Cherry Marble create their own universe of musical ideas and accompanying visuals for complete artworks. In their new composition „Haunted Reality“, they talk of fear and being safe. And this tension, they bring in from second one: 

With percussions, choral bits like Ruhmer, a wonderful guitar like in „Spasmo“, and one hit of the drums and squeeking synths, they start another trip of riddles. The voice is like a blanket on the quietly shivering surface going ‚into the distance‘. 

Another guitar joins in, going to extremes and screams. Effects from a synthesizer are the little final knots on this beautiful sound carpet. In the climax, it gets bigger, yet not like in „Rest“. Then the volume decreases again with the percussion. Crackles, guitar and voices build the outro: ‚In my thoughts you’re safe. In my thoughts …’

In the music video, a drone converges the gothic Prussian National Monument for the Liberation Wars, the view of a loner goes down Großbeerenstraße and the city. The fine editing introduces several storylines: there is one person in the dark in a water. One is having a shower, another is in a room of red light. 

Wine runs over a face, surgical instruments are placed. ‚I’m too tired to be brave.‘Beads of sweat stand on the forehead. The drone follows the streets like „Enter The Void“ reminiscing „Nevrland“. Finally the light of day arrives. 

The scenery has gone darker than before. But Black Cherry Marble know how to arrange and build suspense in their music and videos so „Haunted Reality“ is no exception.