Gloomy Black to Doom

Yob, Wiegedood

Presented by Odyssey Booking & Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Wien, Austria 20181106


It’s still such a pity that it’s not possible to visit every concert one would like to and also not every single Roadtrip To Outta Space, but after Lvmen with Tomáš Palucha and Stoned Jesus with Mothership and Elephant Tree this is finally the third one for this autumn.

While at the big hall of the Arena the fans of Heavy Metal like Sabaton clap to the rhythms of Powerwolf, the followers of the more evil Extreme Metal cue for the sold out show at the small hall. The tour package just stopped at the Between Bregenz presented by Black Teeth Shows before, and now Wiegedood open the evening in Vienna. After their gig with Bog in June, the fans are happy to see them again. The three-piece from Belgium is rooted in Black Metal. Four songs per album are enough, as the length of the songs and the variety within them speak for themselves. And so the show is diverting too. That they don’t only play blast beats but also straight standard rock ones is a nice alternation. Drummer Wim does an amazing job here. That one part even kind of reminds of dark church bells adds a nice creepy touch.

The second act plays “a lot of aggressive songs” too, but in a more prog rock style and with longer calmer parts: Yob are the relaxing gloomy Doom part of the tour package. Their new 8th album “Our Raw Heart” is influenced by the disease of frontman Mike Scheidt and his “will to survive”. The output that was released in June via Relapse Records is a wonderful and diversified piece of music. Personal highlight of the record and the show is the noisy pushing punching “The Screen”. For “Grasping Air” singer Levy of Wiegedood appears again on the stage. And after the regular set, the audience gets rewarded with another calmer and extensive encore. After about two hours, the band releases a happy audience into the Tuesday night.