Let There Be Hope (Single 2022)


Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter

Unfolding the first single of an upcoming album is like opening up a new chapter. And it is comforting to find familiar attempts and exciting to explore new senses. 

Right after his Spring Tour, Yunger announced the release of „Let There Be Hope“. Since the EP „Lonely Thoughts“, the songs „Let’s Get Lost“, „Running Out Of Time“ and „Slug“ continued his oeuvre. And it never gets boring, listening to his encouraging everyday stories and his general will to point out and arouse positive sides. 

With all this motivation, he simply did it again and managed to find the next catchy hook. With several voice layers, it makes think of e.g. kurzfristig or Saltbrennt and underlines the sing-along opportunity. In the soft verses talking about the „prison in your head“, the sweet bass sets accents, and Kodaline and Zac Brown can be found.

As the song progresses, gets closer to the peak and more instruments come in, you can even sense a little bit of Kettcar. Meanwhile, the cover aesthetic is telling stories of a past century. Items like a gramophone, the carpet, coffee, whisky, alarm clock and harmonica are all illuminated by a single lamp only.

Even the diamond of the first album artwork is on the table, and the atmosphere has something magic. In the music video, the picture gets alive, as a performance is projected, and some grain is added to the iconic shots. At the end, a nondescript bag embarks on an unknown path, after lying in the dark in the beginning.

And so the journey starts again for Yunger, as obviously, he has many more stories to tell. If the Art Noveau style even in the cover font is intended part of this new decampment is speculation. But for sure the vintage magic of „Let There Be Hope“ will charm the future.