The Community Is Set Again

Pirates Days 2022 – Announcement

Presented by, supported by Stadt Wien Kultur, ((szene)) Wien and Cafe Carina, Austria 20220602-04

While in Salzburg the desert moves in with the HPS Fest and at the Dornerplatz, the Afreeka Luv Festival presents artists like Almost Famous, the Pirates Days take over the ((szene)) for the second edition, plus the Cafe Carina for the Warm-up.

Punk festivals are up and coming like the Punk in Drublic, SBÄM Fest and of course the Punk Rock Holiday. Since the brave step of making one the first indoor festivals with restrictions again during the difficult times last year, this time the audience can enjoy the concerts in the way they are meant to be.

Support amongst many others comes from the Scene Surfers, who made interviews with the bands for their podcast. And there are many highlights, starting at the Opening Party. Some of them were already part of the first line up like the Deadends and So Much More. For Mighty Maggots, it is their premiere at the festival.

More debutants on day one are 7 Years Bad Luck, BonjourTropfen (who just appeared at the Gürtel Connection), Dynamo Mühlschüttel and Sebi!. As Highschool Pop Punk advocates, they collaborated with Here For A Reason, who play the very same day. Headliner of this first night are the live wires of Mudfight.

The captains from Discorrected open the second day again themselves. Apart from The Rumperts, who meanwhile shared the stage with likes of the DeeCRACKS, I’m A Sloth, ZSK and more, the other four bands are new to the festival. Ampere is another one of the stage fellows, and Vandans have their new album „Archetype“ with them. 

Dorkatron not only have been covered by The Morphine Pilgrims and released a split with 7 Years Bad Luck, but are the ones playing right before the festival’s final Missstand from Graz. With all of those fabulous bands fully packed and three days strong, the Pirates Days 2022 are promising again.