Untied (Album 2024)


Post-Hardcore / Emo

If it Ain’t Heavy, It Ain’t ShitWino proclaims. But it doesn’t necessarely has to be Extreme Metal to be heavy. It can be melodic too and the Black Parade is not the only evidence. So while Linkin Park comes up with a last publication with Chester Bennington, a Viennese group lies down its debut „Untied“.

Arklight like to go their way professionally and have prepared everything neatly for the release. An attractive vinyl with a mysterious artwork, t-shirts, music videos for half of the album tracks and even posters in the style that it could be from a snowboard store. Also one is made for the record release show at Arena Dreiraum featuring Lion Season and Curb

They arrive with a young vibe and fresh air, like when With Broken Wings or Story Of The Year cast their shadows over the countries. Bit gloomy, melodic yet furious, it starts off with „Overdosed“, reminding of British Rock like Young Guns. This continues right away with „Feel“ and thoughts of a little Gothic, a little Alternative Metal and Grunge come up. 

It is also the first song with an atmospheric video clip, followed by „In Vain“ (like Fiesta Forever) and „Only Skin“. Here, the energy of the Italian Lost Zone breaks through and the wildness of Scar The Martyr while the trees just run on by. After the title track, the thoughtful „Be Like The Wind“ documents scenes of the band’s life. 

„I’ve given you up!“, the screams contrast the glitter in the video for „Blindfold“. The record slowly reaches its end, but not without a really wonderful closer. „Mind Less“ as final instrumental embarks, why Arklight could support e.g. Deafheaven like they support Knocked Loose or been supported by portrayal of guilt