We Lost The Sky We Found The Earth (Album 2024)

Small Souki & The Big Trouble Band

Heroine Music

Consideration and combination. Mystic screams and peaceful voices. Individualism in the clutches of society. Two EPs melting to one conceptual album. Reflecting and criticizing the current state of the world – a little bit like Eddie Vedder

We Lost The Sky“ and „We Found The Earth“. Those are the titles of the two parts of the record created by Small Souki & The Big Trouble Band. Since the single „Monsters“, „Nature“ came out and several concerts like with Cadû took the group around the city and beyond. With this ‚double-feature‘, they mark the next milestone on their path through the valley of Psychedelic Experimental Grunge music.

Part I „We Lost The Sky“ was recorded and mixed by Brickwork Productions in 2023. The cover shows distorted dustbins looking like tapes. The violin and percussions create a mystic, trippy feeling from the beginning at the „Graveyard“, with a sense for dynamics. 

The atmosphere shifts between opressive and lighthearted, with sounds like from Triptonus in „Poison I“. After a Mary & The Boy cover, this continues on Part II „We Found The Earth“ in „Poison II“. Recorded and mixed by Tomi Simatupang, it ties in wonderfully, although it has been a year between. 

On the artwork, the ocean is displayed and birds can be imagined beneath the scratches and vocals. Paul Plut, The Doors and even Led Zeppelin hover above before „Pill“. Not the Blues Pills but Jim Noir comes up with the chords. The transitions stand out too, before the final strumming in the „Advertisement Song“ reminds of the „Desecration Smile“. 

Both EPs for themselves work, but joined together, there is even more duality to find like in everything in general. And for the release, the band invites to Club 1019, supported by Vampyres and Paloma 004