Lost Dreams (Single 2021)


Alternative Pop

It is autumn, a good time for new music. On this very Friday, the material comes from Fight The Sun, Ultima Radio & Cadû and Philipp Spiegl. And one artist from a small village in Lower Austria made a big step with the debut song and video under a new name.

Verena Koppendorfer is Ivery. Before she already released „Little Bluebird“ with her own name. With „Lost Dreams“, she starts to go another way. While working with Carlos or in the live band of Christoh, she now puts her experience in her project too. And this successfully, as mica, Austro Zone, NÖN and fm4 already covered her single.

The cover photo by Lisa Zalud shows her lying and hiding from the sun, so most parts are in the shadow and the logo by Julia Grubhofer has a natural style. On the song, she features the guitar by Simon Blankenbichler (KessKess). Responsible for the production is Michael Schatzmann (Treasuretone Records, Almost Famous). It starts like a countdown building suspense, making think of Black Cherry Marble, a little bit Psychedelic, decent drums and synthesizer sounds.

In the verse, it has a positive Pop vibe, processing to a soft transition full of harmony and R’n’B feeling. The chorus with the mellow yet clear guitar makes even think of Cat Stevens/Yusuf. Having several voices, it goes deep and creates a beautiful atmosphere. Generally, the parts of the songs and melodies are wonderfully arranged and merge into each other.

For the visual part, Ivery teamed up with two friends, Madeleine Zierlinger and Elisa Kroiss. Before the full video, she already published two teasers with sophisticated picked parts, that could even be from an ambient Doom piece. In the music clip, Verena is sitting naked in the middle of an empty room. Flares, blurs, dissolves and replacements make it mysterious, as the camera comes closer.

As Ivery is frontal, she looks into the lens directly, and with a mirror effect, the image appears like a painting. This great progressive song with the remarkable video is an exciting journey and even starts another one.