Electronic Joy in Fantastic Atmosphere

Boiler Room: Vienna

Vienna, Austria 20210821

At a ‘brand new industrial off-location’ in Vienna, close to the final station of the U6 Siebenhirten in Liesing, a beautiful setup was created for a day full of music. Between containers and loading ramp, the place is there to dance in ecstasy.

The platform Boiler Room hosts six DJs and streams five of them to the world as ‘day rave broadcast’, like from London, Miami or basically everywhere. The show starts off at 1 pm already with Giuseppe Leonardi. Then Salute follows with some Soul-inspired parts like Basement Jaxx. He might be known from the Popfest as well. During his set, the time seems right for many attendees to arrive.

Bella Boo presents rhythms sounding like from claves, similar to Purple Disco Machine or Yello. The audience happily starts a choreography, as for example Your Planet Is Next can be found in the mix. DJ Python experiments more with spacey and game sounds, building a minimalistic beat with a high note in the background like in a Rap beat. Samples are e.g. “#One” or “Jean’s Afterthought” going more in direction of Mr. Oizo.

Coming up next is Jasss, bringing in another drive going more to extremes like the Blade soundtrack. Within seconds she can change from “Mai Mai” to “Sailaway With Me” to “Let’s Rock”. While she keeps the whole crowd in front an also in her back moving, the sun is finally settling, and the lights enlighten the smoke.

The last act, that is not streamed anymore but only for the people on the ground, is Mall Grab from Australia. His parts remind of Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers and include “20,000 Freaks”, “It’s Like That”, “The Matrix” and “Apache (Jump On It)”.

With this, the great show comes to a quick end. The official after show party takes place at the Grelle Forelle, and few subway stations further, the Klangfestival is celebrating at the Usus am Wasser.