Heavy Heart (Album 2021)


Expressive Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Club Hall Pop Experimental

Life is full of changes, planned and unexpected, either good or bad. And so is music. That it is why, it is a great way to picture those changes, tell about them and deal with them.

For Christoh, his solo debut „Heavy Heart“ is ‚kind of a diary‘, illustrating his recent experiences. Before, he was a member in Gospel Dating Service, like Ruhmer, who went solo paths too. Since then, he put out singles like „Love Life“ (mixed with David Furrer / Dream Noir), „Totem“ and „Neighborhood“. He was part of the Homestage Festival and the Kultursommer at Donauinsel like Spitting Ibex, with Ivery and Treasure Tones at his side. On his record, a whole list of features is represented.

Already on the opening „Interlude“, Christoh is accompanied by Yeshi and Miss Lead, sounding like a Trip Hop master like Massive Attack, Crystal Method or Overseer. Many of his supporters can be seen in the video for „Your Stage“. The R’n’B and Hip Hop side of his music comes down particularly in „Enough“ and „Sunny Side“, where the singing and especially the beat make think of likes of Ja Rule, LL Cool J or P. Diddy

The title track lives from his trademark keys which are dramatic in this one and a plane modern bass. In the video, a wonderfully photographed shot through the leaves shows Christoh and W1ZE dancing on a stage of stone. A personal favorite is „On and on and on“, a straight song with a little feeling from R.E.M.

Christoh’s big clear voice comes out in „Don’t Say“ as well, being discreet but catchy with classic keys, while in the final „Maybe I“, we hear a synthie sound similar to Tape Moon. „Heavy Heart“ comes a long way through various genres, making you feel like dancing and relaxing at the same time. Out via Assim Records, the next live opportunities will be at ARGEkultur and The Loft.